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Perfume & jewel set - ANEHTA, the essence of Athena

Perfume & jewel set - ANEHTA, the essence of Athena

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The ANEHTA perfume

The essence of powerful Athena

The powerful divinity Athena embodies clairvoyance and knowledge, and to
pay tribute to her, we wanted to bring the strength and wisdom of a
century-old Mediterranean tree to her fragrance. We've concentrated the
very essence of Athena in ANEHTA. A fragrance with fresh, luminous notes
of cedar, sage, amber and pepper to make it definitely majestic.

Wear ANEHTA for strength, courage and, above all, Athena's powerful clairvoyance!

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Her personality, her strengths

Wisdom, strategy, her “warrior” spirit

Its symbols

The owl, the olive tree and the shield

Her planet


Her zodiac sign


Her color

Celestial blue

The olfactory pyramid

Top notes: berries

Heart notes: sage & black pepper

Base notes: cedarwood and amber

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Ingredient List

INCI: Alcohol denat., Parfum (Fragrance), Tocopherol, Linalool, Cinnamal, Limonene, Eugenol.

Our jewel Moon to diffuse perfume all day long!

The Prophetie medallion works like a diffuser, spreading the very essence of your fragrance in suspension. It then subtly diffuses around you throughout the day, leaving you in a delicate, subtle cloud of the essence of your inner divinity.

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How does the jewel work?

Simply spray the perfume on both sides of the stone, preferably on a flat surface outside the medallion. Once the stone has been impregnated (a few seconds is all it takes), place it back inside the medallion. For your information, you will receive the jewel with 2 stones. When you feel that your stone is too worn, you can change it.

How do you wear the jewel?

We wanted you to be able to wear it as you please, hence the extra-long chain. You can wear it as a sautoir, a choker or a double tour.

How often should you scent your stone?

You can perfume the stone as many times as you like, and at any frequency you like: every day, every other day, every week... it doesn't matter, as long as the fragrance is as intense as you want it to be.

Can the stone be perfumed with several different fragrances?

When you receive the stones, they will both be virgin. You can then perfume them with any fragrance you like. It is not advisable to change the perfume initially sprayed on the stone. The stone will soak up the first fragrance and it will be difficult to spray it with another fragrance later. It will still have the scent of the first perfume sprayed.

Is it possible to perfume the stone with a fragrance other than Prophetie?

Yes, it's perfectly possible to spray the stone with a fragrance other than Prophetie. However, our perfumes are at least 20% concentrated and are therefore considered to be perfume "extracts", more concentrated than classic eaux de parfum.

What materials are used?

Our medallion and chain are made of stainless steel. This makes our jewelry more resistant to perfume and water, and suitable for sensitive skin. The stones, meanwhile, are made of a porous material that allows perfume to diffuse: ceramic.

How to use and wear the Moon jewel Prophetie?