Our concept, the Propheti.e Moon jewel

Back in the old days, we evoked the gods of Olympus through the fragrant fumes of incense. Today, we wear the Moon jewel Prophetie to let the perfume diffuse and feel powerful! It acts like a shield, making us feel stronger.

At Prophetie, we take the perfume experience a step further by introducing this sacred and protective ritual for your fragrance. Each fragrance can be worn in a medallion, a sacred jewel that delicately diffuses the divine essence of your perfume over time.

  •  visage de femme portant le bijou Propheti.e, et bijou Propheti.e seul qui pend avec en fond le desert
  • A perfume that diffuses

    The Prophetie medallion works like a perfume diffuser, spreading its essence in suspension. The fragrance then subtly diffuses around you throughout the day, leaving you in a delicate, subtle cloud of the essence of your inner divinity.
    What's more, our perfumes are formulated with maximum concentration to ensure optimal diffusion of their fragrance through the medallion. They contain a percentage of fragrance that never falls below 20%, which qualifies them as fragrance "extracts".
    This high concentration guarantees long-lasting fragrance on the stone, providing an intense, long-lasting olfactory experience.

  • Description des étapes 1 et 2 pour utliser le bijou Propheti.e : Enlevez la pierre du médaillon et vaporisez-la de parfum. Attendez quelques secondes, une fois la pierre sèche, la replacer dans le médaillon.
  • Description des étapes 2 et 3 pour utliser le bijou Propheti.e : Bijou prêt à libérer votre personnalité profonde. Pour vous sentire encore plus puissant.e n'hésitez pas à vaporiser votre parfum sur vous !
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  •  visage de femme portant le bijou Propheti.e
  • A rite of connexion

    Perfuming with the Prophetie medallion is not just a simple olfactory action, it's a true rite of connection with your deepest essence. Our unique gesture goes far beyond the simple application of perfume.
    It's an intimate ritual, a sacred link that connects you to your chosen divinity and evokes the forces associated with it throughout the day.
    It allows you to feel enveloped in a divine aura, ready to face any challenge!
    Wisdom and strength if you wear Anehta, the essence of Athena, intuition and arrogance if you spray Simetra, the essence of Artemis or charm and magnetism if you wrap yourself in Etidorhpa, the essence of Aphrodite...
    The choice is yours!

  • But that's not all...

    We understand that some people can be sensitive to conventional fragrances, leading to allergic reactions or dermatological problems, especially when exposed to sunlight.
    That's why we designed the Prophetie medallion, a unique alternative to traditional perfume application. This jewel delicately diffuses fragrance, enabling controlled application and avoiding direct contact with the skin.
    What's more, its stainless steel composition makes it suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive. This material also significantly increases the jewel's resistance to the impact of perfume and exposure to water, prolonging its durability over time.

  •  visage de femme portant le bijou Propheti.e

Our Moon jewel Propheti.e