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Spring equinox, Aries season

The spring equinox, where we find ourselves in balance between light and shadow, and the days finally stretch to fully welcome the sun. Ostara, the beginning of spring, is celebrated there. The buds are blooming and the melodies of the birds are ringing happily. We feel the impatience of the growing light rising within us, AND hope being reborn. The young and pretty Persephone finally leaves the underworld to emerge again towards the light, bringing with her the promise of rebirth and the regeneration of the earth. Demeter, his mother, filled with joy, rings the beginning of the light season, the season of life, the harvest season!

flower bud
Unsurprisingly, it is the impulsive god of war “Ares” who is affected by this season ruled by Mars, that of Aries. We are impatient and want to live intensely after the calm of winter. Personalities assert themselves, sometimes with a touch of irritability, but undoubtedly, it is optimism and passion that light up our hearts. It's time for change, the opportunity to do everything you've never dared to do. But still avoid starting unnecessary wars because even though Ares was known for his beauty and courage, he had a tendency to be a little too angry. We know that Aries' qualities can also be their worst faults, so let's not get carried away by their fiery spirit!
Bird on a flowering tree branch

The birds, like true morning musicians, warm the air with their joyful songs, while the buds slowly open, revealing promises of colors to come. It's as if nature itself is taking a breath, ready to offer us a spectacle full of life and freshness. Let's just stay there, observing this awakening without haste, and let ourselves be carried away by this light and hopeful atmosphere.

In these days of transition to Spring, let's celebrate the season of renewal and honor the fiery energy of Ares, the god of war, by concocting a simple ritual:

Find a quiet place : arrange elements of nature such as fresh flowers, budding tree branches, etc.
Moment of meditation: Take a few moments to connect to the energy of Ares. Feel the strength and passion that characterizes this season. Visualize the spring sun warming your being, evoking the warrior spirit of Ares and Aries that resides within each of us.
Assert yourself: Think about the changes you want to see in your life. Now is the time to take bold initiatives and assert your will with determination.

May this period guide you towards new horizons and new opportunities, driven by Arès' passion to face challenges with courage, strength and determination! 🌱🌷🌼

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