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Heart of spring, Taurus season

We are now in the heart of spring, it's the time when we celebrate Beltane! It is one of the most important festivals where, just like Samhain, the veil between the visible and the invisible is very thin. However, unlike Samhain, this time we are entering the light period. The days are getting longer and the beautiful Persephone has sounded the renewal by completing her ascent from the world below. It is said that Demeter was so happy to have found her daughter that she brought nature back to life. The flowers come out and we celebrate love! So who better to guide us through this lovely season than the beautiful and divine Aphrodite? The flower divinity!

Pink flowers
Touched by the sign of Taurus, it is Aphrodite pandémos who will vibrate within us to indulge in the pleasures of life with passion: love, partying, dancing, singing! This goddess has, in fact, two facets, “Ourania” the celestial Aphrodite who is connected to art or “Pandemos”, the popular Aphrodite who reigned over cities and peoples. And it is the latter which will guide us in this season of Taurus ruled by the planet Venus. It's time to live to the fullest. The first warm rays give us back Aphrodite's smile and lightness. We are then transported to a season where the goddess of flowers reigns, whose divine presence inspires everything that is beautiful and vibrant on Earth. In the Greek imagination, each perfume, each intoxicating essence pays homage to him. The ancient Greeks believed that the divine emanations of the goddess were the very origin of perfume. Moreover, Aphrodite was born on the island of Cyprus, this enchanting island known as the cradle of perfume. Cyprus, with its lush landscapes, its fragrant gardens, is a living ode to beauty and sensuality, a land where the essence of Aphrodite permeates every breeze. One of the major olfactory families bears its name “Chypre”.
Girl with open arms under a pink starry sky.

In nature's annual symphony, spring rises like an enchanting melody, vibrating at the core of our being and awakening in us a deep desire to celebrate life in all its splendor. It is a season where each bud that blooms, each ray of sunshine that caresses our skin, seems to invite us to abandon ourselves to the most exhilarating pleasures, to live with passion each precious moment that is offered to us. Love, that sweet feeling that embraces our hearts and ignites our souls, finds its most magnificent blossoming in spring.

In the heart of Spring, in Beltane, while nature is adorned with its most beautiful colors and the first rays of the sun warm our hearts, the veil with the spirits is very thin. Now is the right time to invoke the warmth and caring spirit of Aphrodite in Taurus with this simple ritual:

Find a quiet place: Light a candle or incense in honor of Aphrodite (For example, take a container of water and arrange rose petals before lighting a floating candle or light an incense stick with floral notes)
Oracle drawing: Shuffle your divination cards while focusing your intention on the energies of spring and Aphrodite. Ask a question or just ask for advice for this season. Draw a card and meditate on its message.
Offering: Place a few petals in front of the candle as an offering to Aphrodite in gratitude for her guidance. Blow out the candle.

May this luminous period open the door to ardent desires and love and may Aphrodite bring us her warm, solar energy! 💐 💖 🕊️

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