The captivating universe of Propheti.e

Welcome to the captivating world of Prophetie, a fragrance brand that pushes the boundaries of the ordinary to take you on a profound inner quest.
We are Elodie and Vanessa, the founders of Prophetie. Our brand is more than just a collection of fragrances, it's a sacred path, an invitation to discover your inner self and connect with your inner strength. Inspired by primitive myths, Prophetie offers you a unique experience, where each fragrance is dedicated to a divinity representing a strong, singular personality.

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  • Who are we ?

    We are two passionate and inspired soul-mates. Elodie, the "nose of Prophetie", and Vanessa, with her marked taste for design. Together, we form a complementary creative duo, bringing together our love for the art of perfume and our passion for timeless design. Our shared vision is to create a unique olfactory and spiritual experience, allowing everyone to wear the scent of their favourite perfume in a different way.
    the scent of their favorite perfume and "re-connect to themselves". It's time to reveal the divine in you!

    The birth of the Idea

    It was on the summer solstice, at the height of light, that the idea for Prophetie was born. Under the dazzling glow of Helios, the sun god, we were moved by divine inspiration. Like a dream emerging in the moonlight of a short summer night, the idea of Prophecy sprang forth, carried by the magic of this profound time of year"

    “The planets were aligned.”

    Guided then by our passion for fragrance and our adoration for mythology, we saw in Prophetie a unique opportunity to combine these two elements. We wanted to create a brand that would embody the very essence of divinities, offering each individual the chance to connect with their own inner divinity, "their deepest personality".

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  • Our engagements

    • An innovative but also protective concept.

    • Empower yourself by connecting with your inner self.

    • Highly concentrated perfumes.

    • Perfumes made in Grasse.

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  • Above all, authenticity

    At Prophetie, authenticity is a fundamental value. We believe in sharing with you what's important to us: our dedication to creating exceptional fragrances, but also our passion for myths and the spiritual. We'd like to walk "together" in this quest for fulfillment, and in so doing, give you the keys to connect with your deepest identity. Each fragrance is carefully designed to explore the different facets of your personality. It will envelop you in a divine aura, so you'll feel ready to face any challenge...

    Welcome to the mystical world of Prophetie!

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