Discover Propheti.e's commitments

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  • An innovative but also protective concept

    Prophetie goes beyond simple perfume by introducing an innovative perfume gesture. Each fragrance can be worn in a medallion, a jewel that delicately diffuses the scent over time. We understand that some people can be sensitive to fragrances, leading to allergic reactions or dermatological problems, especially when exposed to sunlight. That's why we've designed the Prophetie medallion, a unique gesture for perfuming yourself.

  • Empower yourself by connecting with your inner self

    Our mission goes far beyond simply selling perfumes. We aspire to accompany you on your inner journey, to help you explore the different facets of your personality. Each Prophetie fragrance is designed to guide you towards the divinity that resonates within you, to inspire you and enable you to connect with your deeper identity.

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  • Highly concentrated perfumes

    At Prophetie, quality is at the heart of our approach. We believe in the importance of creating exceptional fragrances, capable of sublimating the olfactory experience of each of our divinities. That's why all our formulas are carefully crafted, with a minimum fragrance concentration of 20%, guaranteeing long-lasting wear and subtle diffusion.

  • Perfumes made in Grasse

    Our perfumes are made in Grasse and we pay particular attention to the selection of ingredients used in our fragrances. A minimum of 20% perfume, each component chosen for its unique olfactory properties, and the rest? Only organic alcohol from beet! A highly natural formula in which we are committed to using no ingredients of animal origin, while being mindful of the well-being of all divine beings.

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