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Winter Solstice, Capricorn Season

As night sets in and darkness envelops the world, we find ourselves in the heart of the winter solstice, marking the shortest and darkest day of the year. This is the time we celebrate Yule, a holiday laden with symbolism and ritual that celebrates both the longest night and the promise of the imminent return of light. At the heart of this Capricorn season, where patience is tested while waiting for renewal, it is to Persephone, the queen of the underworld, that we turn our gaze. She embodies cold beauty and youth which announces the return to life. Soon she will leave the underworld to emerge again into the light, bringing with her the promise of rebirth and regeneration of the earth.

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The symbolism of Capricorn, associated with the endless wait for renewal, resonates with the winter period when nature seems to fall asleep. It's time to light up our homes with twinkling garlands, let candlelight dance to overcome the darkness, and share the delights of 13 desserts before plunging ourselves into gentle hibernation. Winter, with its coat of sparkling snow, invites us to slow down, refocus on the essentials, and enjoy the warmth of our homes. It’s a time for stories shared around the fire, heart-warming laughter and moments of introspective reflection. As Persephone soon leaves the darkness to bring life to earth, we too can see the winter solstice as a transition to the light on the horizon.

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In this magical season, let us embrace the beauty of the longest night, while holding within ourselves the knowledge that every dark night is followed by a bright dawn. It's the perfect time to warm up with the love of loved ones, to celebrate life, and to express our gratitude to the eternal cycles of nature.

To honor this period of Capricorn and celebrate Yule, here is a simple and symbolic ritual:

    • Create a warm ambiance: Decorate your space with twinkling lights, candles and elements reminiscent of the winter season.
    • Turn the light back on: Light a candle as a sign of renewal and hope that the light will return soon.
    • Share the 13 desserts: Gather your loved ones around a table filled with delicacies to symbolize the abundance to come.
    • Moment of gratitude: Take a moment to express your gratitude for nature, life and the promises of renewal.
    • Mindful Hibernation: Prepare for winter by taking time for yourself, refocusing on your needs, and preparing to emerge with strength and vitality.

      May this Capricorn season be filled with warmth, light and promises of renewal. May you go through winter with serenity, waiting with confidence for the imminent return of light. 🌟❄️🕯️

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