Signe et constellation du Cancer

Summer Solstice, Cancer Season

That's it, it's the summer solstice, Litha, that is to say the longest day of the year. Even if it's hard to believe it in June, Litha also marks the start of the summer season. Despite everything, let's not lose hope, the sun will quickly reappear so that we can finally declare summer. The smell of sunscreen, the beach, drinks on the terrace, or walks in the mountains, whatever your summer looks like, it's Artemis, the goddess with the big heart who leads the dance. The sun enters the sensitive sign of Cancer and sets up a period where this sublime divinity exudes softness, roundness, femininity and sensitivity. This is a phase where introspection, feelings and creativity take over. Let express all the feelings, anxieties and questions that bothered you this spring. Cancer energy is back to help us take a new direction. It is finally time to take advantage of the efforts and sacrifices made since the beginning of the year. And for that, who better to accompany us in this sunny season than the generous and emphatic Cancers!

Group of people having a drink on the banks of the Seine at sunset

During this period, we are also under the influence of the goddess of the moon, nature, and the hunt, Artemis. Powerful goddess and twin of Apollo, Artemis is extremely connected to nature and women. Known to be the great protector of women during childbirth and goddess of fertility, she occupies a very important place in this Cancer season, full of femininity. Moreover, her most famous cult site was, as a fertility goddess, at the temple of Artemis in Ephesus which is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. In short, a true pioneer of girl power! When the Moon is in Cancer sensitivity is at its peak, the latter can be very difficult to manage for some people. This is why it is important to let our emotions speak and ensure that they do not overwhelm us. This period is therefore very high in energy and will push us towards the voice of communication and exchanges with others. It will then be essential during these dialogues to let our hearts speak. We will also have to learn to stand out and be aware of our qualities. It's a phase full of new encounters, whether romantic, friendly or professional, so put yourself in the spotlight and show others who you are!

Two friends dancing in a field of colorful flowers

In nature's annual symphony, Cancer season emerges from a gentle and captivating atmosphere, awakening in us the deep desire to reconnect with our roots. It is a time when each warm embrace, each memory that rises to the surface, seems to invite us to abandon ourselves to the most comforting pleasures of family and to cherish each tender moment that is offered to us. Nostalgia, that sweet feeling that envelops our hearts and soothes our souls, finds its most tender fulfillment during Cancer season.

At the summer solstice, during Cancer season, as the summer season slowly sets in, it is the right time to invoke the sensitivity and benevolent spirit of the Moon through this simple ritual:

Focus on you : take advantage of this season to spend time alone, it's time to reconnect with your deepest feelings.

Find an activity : Whether it's cooking, decorating, crocheting or reading, now is the best time to start a new hobby that will occupy your summer afternoons.

Take care of your loved ones : Spending time alone does not mean that you have to neglect your loved ones, however, take the time to go visit them or invite them into your little cocoon.

May this bright period open the door to creativity, sensitivity and loyalty, and may Artemis bring us strength, independence and protection 🌞🎨👯‍♀️

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