Signe du poisson sur une vitre couverte de pluie

Threshold between winter and spring, the season of Fish

As nature awakens from its winter sleep, signs of renewal are, unsurprisingly, all around us! We are passionately transitioning into spring, where water becomes the predominant element of this season. From snowstorms to downpours creating beautiful rainbows on the horizon, the water dances with invigorating energy. Who better than Poseidon linked to the sign of Pisces to guide us when nature is unleashed? Connected to the source, it transmits to us a powerful and mysterious energy, temporarily distancing us from earthly realities. We no longer have our feet on the ground (rather immersed in puddles, it goes without saying).

Rainbow in a blue sky

With overflowing sensitivity, it is essential to remain attentive, because a single drop of water could break the camel's back and let our emotions run away! Pisces, the sign of the zodiac at this time, invites us to dive into the depths of our inner “self”, exploring the mysteries of the soul. Through its vibrations, we can find a new perspective and a deeper connection with ourselves if we remain calm and control our emotions. Even if the famous showers of Mars put our nerves to the test, a pretty multi-colored umbrella in the bag should do the trick.

Person walking in the rain with a multi-colored umbrella

In these days of transition to Spring, let us honor the primordial element of water, which shapes our world in ways that are as majestic as they are mysterious. Let us be fully aware of the power of this natural force, which can be both calm and soothing, but also raging and tumultuous, just like the waves that punctuate the ocean. In this incessant dance of movements and cycles, we welcome renewal.

To celebrate this period of transition and honor the aquatic energy of Pisces, here is a simple and symbolic ritual:

Place a pretty bowl filled with water: it symbolizes the element of water and the influence of Poseidon, god of the oceans. Add some shells or elements representing the ocean around.
Take a few moments: connect to the energy of Pisces, feel the strength and vitality of the oceans and water. Visualize the waves rolling gracefully and imagine yourself bathed in the light of spring emerging from the horizon.
Think about the changes to come: think about what you would like to see on the horizon. After the rain, come the good weather, it's time to believe in your dreams.

May this period of transition be a source of inspiration and renewal for you, where each wave of the ocean of life carries you towards new horizons and new possibilities. 🌊🌸

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