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Heart of winter, the season of Aquarius

As winter reaches its peak and the earth is enveloped in its blanket of sparkling snow, we enter the season of Imbolc, a time filled with hope! Indeed, although the cold persists, rays of sunlight begin to break through the clouds, announcing the imminent awakening of sleeping nature. Imbolc, linked to Brigid, goddess of fire and poetry, invites us to sow seeds of hope in the depths of the frozen earth. This festival at the beginning of February marks the beginning of the return of the Sun, fertile earth and light. Traditionally, the goddess Brigid is honored and the transition between austere winter and fertile spring is celebrated. During this period, projects and seeds timidly take root, carrying within them the promise of renewal.

A ray of sunlight on snow-capped mountains.

It’s true, we want change! Prometheus, whose revolutionary spirit resonates with Aquarius, will breathe new energy and fresh air into our ideas. But let us beware of too daring ideas, let us remember the tragic destiny of this one because he dared to steal the divine fire to give it to men. For defying Zeus, Prometheus was chained to a rock. To punish him for wanting to help humans, his liver was devoured by an eagle. And this grows back every night, since Prometheus is immortal, the torture is renewed every day in an interminable manner. Tragic! However, it is thanks to this famous Prometheus that we can face winter warmly, because its flames light up our long winter nights and warm our homes. A true hero for ordinary people...

A steaming cup of coffee on a woolen blanket.

So, as you have understood, the days are gradually getting longer, so let's celebrate the potential for renewal and growth that emerges from the darkness of winter! In this season of transition, let us honor the flamboyant deities, such as Brigid, Prometheus, with rituals preparing for the return of life.

To honor this period of Aquarius and celebrate Imbolc, here is a simple and symbolic ritual:

  • Purify your living space: light sage, open the windows to welcome the fresh energies of the new season.
    Leave room for creativity: Engage in artistic and inspiring activities to nourish your mind and soul.
    Plant symbolic or non-symbolic seeds: cultivate your indoor and outdoor garden to manifest your intentions and aspirations for the future.
    Honor Prometheus: Light candles in honor of the deity and meditate on his creative flame that warms and illuminates the world.

May this period of Aquarius be a source of inspiration and renewal for you, illuminating your path through the darkness of winter and guiding you into the bright season. 🕯️🌱

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