C'est le jour J

It's the big day

It is with immeasurable joy that we welcome you today to the captivating world of Propheti.e. On this extraordinary day, marked by the long-awaited launch of our perfume brand, we are delighted to share with you the very essence of our adventure. Founded by Elodie and Vanessa, two passionate and creative minds, Propheti.e is not limited to being a simple collection of perfumes. It is a true odyssey, an invitation to explore the depths of your being, to connect to your inner strength and to embrace your deep personality.

The innovative concept of Propheti.e is based on the idea of ​​linking the olfactory experience to mythology and divinities. Each perfume is dedicated to a divinity representing a strong and singular personality, thus offering everyone the possibility of connecting to their own inner divinity, to their “deep personality”. Today, with the official launch of Propheti.e, we celebrate not only the realization of a dream, but also the beginning of a unique sensory and spiritual adventure. To mark this special occasion, we are proud to present the Lune Propheti.e jewel, a central element of our concept. Each scent can be worn in this sacred locket, delicately diffusing divine essence over time, creating a subtle cloud around you, carrying your own inner divinity.

Made in Grasse, the world cradle of perfume, our perfumes are formulated with a concentration, never falling below 20%, qualifying them as perfume "extracts". This high concentration guarantees prolonged staying power of the scent on the stone, offering an intense and long-lasting olfactory experience.

ANEHTA perfume and Propheti.e jewel wrapped on a statuette

So you understand, today we invite you to join us in this mystical and divine world!

Welcome to the intoxicating world of Propheti.e!

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